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 +====== Supporting members ======
 +===== Softhis ===== 
 +[[http://www.softhis.com|{{  :img:logo_softhis_tlo.png?500|Softhis - web driven company}}]]
 +[[http://www.softhis.com|Softhis]] has been a supporting member of PSSI since 15 September 2011 PSSI 
 +The company specializes in IT solutions for the Internet.
 +Areas of exeprtise for Softhis are: dedicated complex IT solutions,
 +interactive web productions, mobile applications and
 +research-development department.
 +In all developed solutions Softhis endeavours to utilize tools and
 +solutions deriving from intelligent technologies, such as Semantic
 +Web, evolutionary algorithms, neural networks or automated inference
 +In 2011 Softhis Sp. z o.o. won a prestigious contract for the
 +realization of an advanced advisory system which supports decisions
 +regarding activities on financial markets.
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