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  ==== We are a member of: ====  ==== We are a member of: ====
-[[en:membership#eurai|{{ :img:eurai_logo.png?x120 |PAIS is a member of EurAI}}]]+[[en:membership#eurai|{{ :img:eurai_logo.png?x120 |PSSI is a member of EurAI}}]]
-[[en:membership#eai|{{ :img:eai-logo-highres.png?x140 |PAIS is a member of EAI}}]]+[[en:membership#eai|{{ :img:eai-logo-highres.png?x140 |PSSI is a member of EAI}}]]
  ==== Society ====  ==== Society ====
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  ==== Our supporters: ====  ==== Our supporters: ====
 +[[en:wspierajacy:emag|{{ :img:emag_dop_skrot.png?x165 |Łukasiewicz Research Network – Institute of Innovative Technologies EMAG}}]]
 [[en:wspierajacy:2040io|{{ :img:2040logodark.png?x180 |2040.io}}]] [[en:wspierajacy:2040io|{{ :img:2040logodark.png?x180 |2040.io}}]]
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